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About us

"My Global Welcome was born from my own personal experience as a traveler and an expat and my need for connection, certainty and support before and whilst traveling, moving, living and working abroad.


The team behind My Global Welcome is composed of highly skilled business professionals and firms that come from different fields and have an extensive work experience.




I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of my team members for dedicating their time and sharing their valuable knowledge, in order to shape and to constantly improve My Global Welcome.


In particular, I wish to thank Johann Stadtmüller, Hans Stadtmüller, Fritz Kustatscher and Michael Schlemm; I am also indebted to MSN (The Microsoft Network) Italy, Corriere Innovazione and Radio Eta Beta (RAI Radio1).


For additional help, I am extremely grateful to Valentina Babbo, Yaya Diamond, Paola Russo, Andro Peressutti, Fabio Fraboni and Tom Bennett.


For their encouragement, a heartfelt thanks also goes to L. Peat O’Neil (Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society; journalist and writer for the National Geographic online; the Washington Post Travel Section; Travel + Leisure; the Montreal Gazette Travel Section; Toronto Star; Elle; etc.) and Leon Logothesis (traveler; global adventurer; author and producer of "Live, Love, Explore", "The Kindness Diaries", "The Mojo Diaries" and "The Amazing Adventures of a Nobody"; collaborator of BBC, CNN, NBC, National Geographic, MTV, etc.).


Above all, my most special thanks go to my family and friends."- 


Michaela Reichler-Baldini

Indigo Spot

Web consultancy and social media marketing

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Web agency, tourism applications and software development