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How it works

Are you looking for information, personalized or professional services offered by your fellow countrymen living abroad? Are you living abroad and want to offer information, personalized or professional services?
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☞ The world’s first online marketplace where expats can earn money abroad while maintaining a close, personal connection with people from their native country.



➤➤ How it works for expats already living abroad:


a. Private individuals


Through My Global Welcome, you can offer 

  • online information 
  • practical help in the place you live now
  • personalized activities ​in the place you live now

to visitors from your native country.  

b. Business owners


Through My Global Welcome, you can

  • offer professional services ​directly on-site in your new home country.

Promote your business and handcrafted or local products to visitors from your native country.



Set your own prices


You are free to set your own prices which you can negotiate directly with visitors from your native country and employers. My Global Welcome does not take any commission from these prices, does not charge a fee on top of these prices and is not involved in any financial agreements amongst the members of this online marketplace.



Set your own schedule


You are free to decide your schedule and the duration of activities and/or services.





a. Private individuals: The "Hello Fellows" sign up for private individuals is free. There are no costs for you.

b. Business owners: The "Welcome Fellows" business listing is free for the first year.


Within your business profile, you can


   - add a detailed description of your enterprise

   - include up to 12 images and 10 attachments

   - embed a YouTube or Vimeo video.


When your free "Welcome Fellows" business listing runs out, you will be contacted automatically by our team who will offer you the option to renew your subscription for another year by paying an annual fee of € 99.99.


➥ Get started here.