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The project

What is My Global Welcome?


My Global Welcome is the world’s first two-sided online marketplace that connects travelers, future expats and employers with their ➤➤ fellow countrymen living abroad, with a particular focus on social interaction in the real world.


 On one side, My Global Welcome provides travelers and future expats with immediate access to

  • reliable, first-hand information on any topic of their choice
  • practical help
  • personalized activities
  • professional services
  • handcrafted or local products

offered directly by their fellow countrymen currently living abroad. 


Furthermore, employers can directly establish work contacts with their fellow countrymen and other expats anywhere else in the world. 


➤➤ On the other side, My Global Welcome offers expats already living abroad the opportunity

  • to help visitors and future expats from their native country with online information
  • to earn an income by offering visitors and future expats from their native country practical help, personalized activities and professional services on-site       
  • to create sustainable exchanges between visitors from their native country and the local people
  • to receive job offers from employers from both their native and their new home country
  • to find other expats from their native country who live in their immediate area


Who are the main target markets of My Global Welcome?


Travelers*, future expats**, employers and expats already living abroad are the four main target markets of My Global Welcome.

*   With special attention to women travelers, solo travelers, business travelers, families traveling with children, travelers with       

    disabilities, travelers with pets and students.

** Including newbie expats and pensioners who want to move abroad when they retire.


➥ Check out our How it works pages.                         



Looking for more info?


For a detailed description of the project, download “The project” file at the bottom of this page. 

To find out how we came up with the idea of My Global Welcome, watch this video: